Mission - Vision

As Kırıker Metal Asansör San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti., our primary goal is quality product and customer satisfaction. In fact, every door we produce is our door wherever in the world it is.
✔ Production process which starts with the processing of input as raw material, continues with the post-purchase service we provide for you. Our principle is to manufacture faultlessly at a sitting to be able to own the product and to ensure an absolute customer satisfaction after purchase. Thus, to generate solutions when necessary by assessing special requests and product expectations of our clients; to stand in back of our product and stand by our clients in every case of product related problem. 
✔ It is to stand in back of every product we produce; to please our client without turning a difficulty into a problem by providing technical, technological support whensoever and to generate the fastest solutions. All personnel approach problems purely and simply in a solution-oriented manner and aim at solutions. We are merely proud of and satisfied with the products and services we provide.
 ✔ In this sense, raising awareness of our personnel, to constantly providing training and seminars and producing with the educated personnel are our priority. Each and every Kırıker employee is aware of his/her responsibility and knows that s/he has to produce by using the highest quality material and most economic methods. S/he is aware of the fact that meeting the post-purchase expectations are his/her responsibility and s/he constantly improves him/herself. 
✔ We make quality production in conformity with today’s conditions by constantly conducting research and development works in line with the suggestions of our innovative personnel and clients. Because, our goal is to produce innovative, quality, durable and problem-free doors that is imitated rather than imitation. This is a process that starts with a dream; that is assessed by listening, determined through research and development activities and that turns into a service through production.
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